1.How is MEDEIL the right software?

Medeil-Medical enhancement design elegantly improves leeway. Medeil is the software which provides you updated database, enhanced design, low cost, more unique features, user friendly interface and more reliable data security.

2.How will MEDEIL help a chemist to save money?

It helps to deploy your stock .Reduces compilation time of the stock details and reduces the staffing.

3.Are training and installation available?

Yes we provide you one week intellectually designed training program which instructs you the effective usage of software.

4.What are the licensing options?

We have both single user and multiuser licensing options.

5.Is the system multi user?

No the system is a single user. But we provide you the provision of multiuser on purchase of multiuser software.

6.Are languages other than English available?

Yes we provide you the software in Hindi and other regional languages based on your wish.

7.What support is available?

We provide you habitual drug index updates and updates about the software to prevent it from bugs.

8.What customization option available?

You can create your personal portal for the customer and all other distributors information.

9.Can I use bar code scanner with MEDEIL?

we provide it as an optional package as you request.

10.How do I keep the software up to date?

Frequent updations are made and informed to the customers about the updations.

11.What type of reports available?

We have provided the all the business reports such as sales, distributor, profit and loss on jasper platform.

12.How soon after the system is ordered the implementation will take place?

Soon after your order is confirmed the product will be delivered within the span of 10-15 days.

13.How secure is data when it is hosted via web?

We have an excellent firewall system which makes your data's more secure.

14.Are manuals available for the software?


15.Does the software update cost include the phone based technical support?

Yes we also provide you one year free maintenance.

16.Are you planning for the next release of the software?

Yes, we are planning for the web based module

17.Can I build my own reports?

Yes, you can customize your report.

18.How often program updates go out and do you notify the customers?

Yes, Notification about the updates is frequently informed to the customers